What to do?
1. Group leader/member to create blog according to this template given. Contents of blog will be used in marking.

  • Background research 
  • Final sample
  • Refer to rubrics given earlier

    2. Group leaders to create a folder in their Google drive and share with Ms Teo and members
    • Naming of folder: S3-01 Group XX AA,
    • Create the following inside the folder: 
        • Procedure
          • This will be your final procedure for submission. I will print out and mark this copy by Term 3 Week 2
        • Brochure
          • You can craft your brochure in Google drive or you can upload your final Brochure here. I will print and mark by Term 3 Week 2.
        • Option: you may want to have an interactive brochure with videos embedded, you can upload the draft here and submit the final product to Ms Teo by Airdrop.
        •  *Note: Brochure should be in 1 A4 paper, double side (you can use template from pages)

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